Enhancing warehouse walls with an array of global artists’ work, Wynwood Walls is a must-see for every visitor.

When visiting Wynwood Walls, “must-see” is the comment we hear most often. Visitors to the unique outdoor art display are often amazed at the incredible installation where world-renowned street artists add their unique vision to Miami’s Edgewater area.

With vibrant, over-sized murals, the outdoor gallery is recognized as a “coming of age for graffiti and street art.” Revitalizing what was just a distressed and under-served neighborhood, the art project has become a mecca for both artists and anyone who appreciates creativity. If you weren’t a fan of street art before, you will be after a visit to Wynwood Walls.

The area is enhanced with boutique shops, family-owned restaurants and sculpture gardens, turning your visit into a feast for all of your senses. Unlike anything you’ve experienced, Wynwood Walls inspires as much as it delights.

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